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Year Name Item
2022 Frank Fu-Yuan Huang Juvenile Delinquency and Counseling Collected Papers. National Institute of Education. (First Edition, Second Print)
2022 Frank Fu-Yuan Huang Police Legitimacy and Policing COVID-19 in Taiwan. Submitted to Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice.
2022 Frank Fu-Yuan Huang “Data Collection Methods (4): Non-invasive Methods, Secondary Data Analysis, and Official Statistics,” in Yang Shilong Editor-in-Chief, Xu Chunjin et al.: Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Criminology (pp. 207-219). Taipei City: Wunan.
2022 Frank Fu-Yuan Huang The Concept of Chronic Criminals and the Examination of the Issue of Reversion—A Concurrent Discussion on the Reference of Modern American Social Reversion Bills. Criminal Policy and Crime Prevention Research, Special Issue.
2022 Frank Fu-Yuan Huang Association Between School Dropout and Crime: Secondary Data Analysis and Consideration of Dropout Reasons. Taiwan Educational Sociology Research, 22 (1), pp. 99-139 (TSSCI)
2022 Sheu,Chuen-Jim, Yifen Lu, Yichun Yu, Fuyuan Huang and Tsai Tehui An examination on the concept of chronic offender-Discussion on the recent social reentry laws in the United States, Criminal Policies and Crime Prevention,Vol.33,Pp.181-232.
2022 Lu Yifen, Yichun Yu , Chuen-Jim Sheu, , and Fuyuan Huang Criminal propensity of dropouts.Research Journal of Taiwan Educational Sociology,Vol.22,No.1,Pp.99-130.(TSSCI)。
2022 Yu ,Yichun, Yifen Lu and Chuen-Jim Sheu, , An investigation on the health problem of drug users –2022 Proceedings of the 7th Cross-Strait Emergency Management Forum,Pp.523-534.
2022 Lanying Huang, Chuen-Jim Sheu, Yi-Fen Lu, Yi-Chun Yu, & Mark S. Umbreit Restorative Justice (XIU-FU-SHI-SI-FA) in Taiwan: Traditional Practices and Modern Developments. Asian Journal of Criminology. (SSCI) 。
2022 Huang, Tsan-Song Research on Risk Assessment of Emergency Management in Medical Institutions, Journal of Emergency Management, 6(1), P171-188.

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