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【Research Publications】    

  Teaching Outcomes
Service Outcomes
Year Name Item
2020 Chang, Ping-Wu Discussion on the Influence of the Mode of Domestic Violence Interview by the Family Defense Officer on High Crisis Cases
2020 Chang, Ping-Wu The cause of entanglement and its influence on the victim
2020 Chang, Ping-Wu On the Examination Factors of Domestic Violence in Foreign Spouses
2020 Chang, Ping-Wu A preliminary study on the effectiveness of emergency management in response to the new coronavirus in Taiwan
2020 Chang, Ping-Wu Research on the Countermeasures of Preventing Internet Gambling in Taiwan
2020 Chang, Ping-Wu Research on the characteristics of drunk driving criminals and their prevention
2020 Chang, Ping-Wu Analysis of the causal pattern of juvenile drug abuse in Taiwan
2020 Huang, Tsan-Song A Study on the Risk Assessment of Foreign People's Visa-free Entry to Taiwan.Paper presented at the 2020 Cross-Strait Emergency Management Summit Paper Collection, Taipei.
2020 Hsieh Tsung Chih, Wang Po Chi An evaluation study of the Taipei City Government Police Department using the video surveillance system to improve the effectiveness of criminal investigations
2020 Hsin-Chen Liang ;CHENG, CHING-CHIU; Wang Po-Chi Inspection and planning of the effectiveness of community preservation management

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