School of Social Sciences

【Specific Research】    

  Admission List
Title Advisor Students
Exploring the actual workplace situation under the awareness of gender equality in my country-taking female laborers as an example Wang, Po-Chi SYU,YI-CIAO
Research on the Correlation between Social Media Addiction and Melancholy in College Students Wang, Po-Chi GOU,BAO-JIE
The topic is mainly to explore whether young people who witness domestic violence will affect their own personality Wang, Po-Chi、Syu, Zih-Yu YU,YI-NING
Discuss the reasons why criminals grow up and cause indiscriminate killing Wang, Po-Chi、Ding, Rong-Hong GUAN,YONG-CIH
Discussion on Related Cases of Indiscriminate Homicide Wang, Po-Chi、Huang, Wei-Sian YANG,WAN-RU
Research on the Criminal Treatment and Reform of Mental Disorders Wang, Gwo-Jyh LIN,PEI-JYUN
Discussion, review and improvement of Taiwan's successful prevention of COVID-19 Wang, Gwo-Jyh HUANG,JYUN-KAI
Cross-strait copyright research and case analysis Wang, Gwo-Jyh YANG,PIN-KE
A Probe into the Bullying Patterns of Adolescents Wang, Gwo-Jyh LIN,CHENG-YUN
Indiscriminate killing Hung, Wen-Ling LIN,YOU-JHEN

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