School of Social Sciences

【Specific Research】    

  Admission List
Title Advisor Students
Only zero and countless splits? Research on Cleaving Behavior and Cleaving Repetition Hung, Wen-Ling SU,WEI-NING
A Probe into the Situation of Women Experiencing Domestic Violence Hung, Wen-Ling CHEN,I-TING, HSIAO,SHU-FANG, LI,HSING-YU, HUANG,KUO-LUN, WEI,YUN-CHEN
On the Opportunity of Using Guns in Police Law Enforcement and the Compensation for Police Occupational Disasters Lee, Hsiang-Fu WANG,YU-CHI, CHEN,CHIH-YANG, YEH,KUAN-JU, LIN,SHENG-KAI, CHANG,KU-HSUAN
Online anonymous speech/criminal justice related fields Wang, Gwo-Jyh LUNG,CHIH-HSUAN, LIN,TING-CHUN, CHIU,TZU-CHI, TSENG,YA-I, HSU,CHIH-LING
Juvenile drug use Chuen-Jim Sheu HU,PEI-SHAN, LIN,TI-YEN, KE ,CHUN-WEI,WANG,YU-HSIANG
Police&Cross Strait Hung, Wen-Ling FU,WEN-HAO
Prisoning and Treatment of Long term Drug Prisoners Chuen-Jim Sheu CHEN,JO-CHIEH, CHEN,PIN-HSUAN, CHEN,CHI-JU, HUNG,YU-I
The Deviation of College Students and the Relationship between Criminal Behavior and Interpersonal Relations Hung, Wen-Ling CHIU,CHI-YING, CHENG,JU-WEN, LIU,YIN-YU
Operation of adult film industry and relevant laws and regulations Wang, Po-Chi CHENG,YU-CHIEH, LIN,PIN-HSIEN, YANG,TZU-HSUAN, HSIAO,YUN-CHIAO
law Lee, Hsiang-Fu LI,HUI-YU, YU,FANG-JU

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