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Teacher Wang, Po-Chi was interviewed by the public television news network 2024/2/1   
Teacher Wang, Po-Chi was interviewed by the public television news network: Taiwan High Prosecutors Office will impose heavy penalties on fraudsters. Scholars: Warning is greater than substance.

Taiwan High Prosecutors Office will impose heavy penalties on fraudsters Scholars: Warning is greater than substance.

Release date: 19: 31 on February 1, 2024; update date: 20: 34 on February 1, 2024.
from CHEN,KUAN-HSUN CHEN,LI-FENG / Taipei reports
Domestic fraud continues to arouse public grievances. Taiwan High Prosecutors Office said today (1) that in the future, when investigating telecom fraud cases, defendants pretending to be civil servants, lawyers, bankers and others, using their professional knowledge to commit crimes, playing engineers, drivers, telephone system operators and others within the group, and criminal acts causing serious physical and mental damage to the victims will all seek heavy punishment from the court. From the cases of assistance, the private sector reform association even counts that as many as 50% of the victims will go to the point of borrowing money to invest after losing all their savings. In addition, the police also cracked down on fake investment fraud, and one of them, a 25-year-old housekeeper, lost as much as 3 million yuan.
Armed with live ammunition, the criminal police attacked the criminal base camp of illegal groups in multiple ways, and suppressed many men, suspected of illegal fraud.
The suspect set up a fake website, and the investment targets include indexes, precious metals and cryptocurrencies. According to the police investigation, Chen, a 30-year-old suspect, started from IG, claiming that the short-term investment made a profit of several 10%. After joining the LINE group, he was brainwashed until the victim invested money in the fake platform, only to find the trap. In less than a year, eight people have been victimized, and one of them, a 25-year-old family member, smashed 3 million yuan, which caused the most losses.
CHUNG,HSIAO-LUN, the first captain of the Second Brigade of Criminal Investigation Bureau, said, "(Fraud Group) they will have a set of words to make friends and chat by themselves, which will be the process of chatting between men and women in general, mainly to win the trust of this victim. 」
This kind of fraud continues, and many victims seek the assistance of civil society organizations. The civil society will analyze it, and the fraud group will choose the coin circle to start. Deception starts with making fake friends. As long as you gain trust, deception is mostly beneficial. As many as 50% of the assistance cases were cheated again and again, and they even went to the step of borrowing and investing.
Chen Meihui, the advocacy Commissioner of the Civil Affairs Division for Reform, said: "About 40% to 50% of the victims who come into contact with them basically have to borrow money. Their concept is to nurture and kill. 」
Domestic fraud cases have exploded, and the court's guilty verdict is often criticized too lightly.
On the 1st, the prosecution also made a move, pointing out that in telecom fraud, fake police inspectors, lawyers, bankers, etc. were involved, and they used their professional knowledge to commit crimes, as well as played important cadres, engineers, drivers' heads, traffic system providers, etc. in the group, and caused significant physical and mental impacts on the victims, such as suicide and depression, etc., and prosecutors would ask the court for heavier punishment in future investigations.
WU,CHING-CHIN, a professor at the Law Department of ALETHEIA UNIVERSITY, said, "I think (the prosecution) has only declared this. The declaration to the general public, to some extent, puts pressure on judges by the declaration of the whole public opinion. 」
Wang, Po-Chi, an associate professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at Ming Chuan University, thinks, "If we can do some treatment at the source, of course, we can prevent it before it happens, and of course there will be no problem of punishment later. 」
Although some scholars believe that it may have a warning effect, some law professors bluntly say that judgment is the right of judges, and the prosecution's actions may be declared more than substantive significance.

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