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2024 "AI and Criminal Justice" Academic Symposium Agenda 2024/1/31   
2024 "AI and Criminal Justice" Academic Symposium Agenda 1. Conference Topic: Criminal Justice, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Technology 2. Conference Time: March 29, 2024 3. Conference Venue: Jihe, Ming Chuan University Campus International Conference Hall (J616) 4. Important dates: •Title and abstract: from now until March 11th •Preliminary review notice: March 15th •Brief submission: March 25th 5. Inbox: ccjrc@eta •Email subject: 2024 Ming Chuan Seminar Presentation – [name] •Email content: Please provide the author of the article, Chinese and English title, Chinese and English abstract (within 500 words), and Chinese and English keywords in an attached WORD file Words (3-5 words) 6. Contact units: Department of Crime Prevention and Comparative Criminal Justice Research Center, Ming Chuan University
• Assistant Professor LU,I-FEN 03-3507001#5263
• Executive Secretary YU,I-CHUN
• Department Secretary CHUANG,FU-TZU 03-3507001#3776


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