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Teacher Wang, Po-Chi accepted an interview with the United Daily News 2024/1/18   
Teacher Wang, Po-Chi accepted an interview with the United Daily News: Campus Anti Gang/Scholar: Has Vigilant Effect Teacher: Police entering the campus should first establish an SOP

January 18, 2024 02:25 United Daily News/Our reporter/Online reporting
The police have mandated that youth police teams in various regions establish "anti gang task forces" to deal with gang infiltration into campuses or the recruitment of young people to engage in illegal activities. Wang, Po-Chi, an associate professor of the Department of Criminal Justice at Ming Chuan University, believes that this can further enhance the function of youth teams, have a deterrent effect on criminals, and also have a warning effect on students. "Students will know that doing wrong things will lead to being arrested," and in severe cases, they may even be held criminally responsible.
CHEN,CHUN-YU, Chairman of the Teachers Association of Taoyuan City, pointed out that there were instructors in Taoyuan who cooperated with the police in handling cases to crack down on drugs, and asked drug-related students to cooperate with the police in fishing. However, the Ministry of Education determined that the students were not protected and they were punished with a warning. If there were similar fishing behaviors in police cases in the future, it is difficult to guarantee that instructors or teachers who assisted in the case will not encounter the same situation.
CHEN,CHUN-YU emphasized that it is not impossible for the police to enter the campus to crack down on organized crime, but he hopes that senior officials in the police and education sectors can first communicate and establish a complete reporting system or SOP, so that frontline police and education personnel can follow suit and not let each county and city act independently.
Wang, Po-Chi also believes that there should be a certain limit to the police's entry into the campus, and it cannot be unlimited. If not restricted, it may affect the campus's peace. The best practice is to cooperate with the education bureau and the school, obtain specific evidence, and then enter the campus.
Wang, Po-Chi also mentioned that compared to correctional schools, the police should pay more attention to the issue of juvenile transfer in juvenile detention centers. Due to the complete social worker manpower and tutoring system in the correctional school, the detention situation in the Shaoguan Institute tends to be of a detention observation nature, and it will end in at most three months. The effectiveness of tutoring their return to the right path is limited, and it should be given more attention. We hope that the Shaoguan Institute can open a large network to catch this group of people.
SUN,MING-FENG, Chairman of the Taipei City Association of Middle School Principals and Principal of Chenggong High School, stated that in the event of conflicts on campus, the police generally do not intervene, and it is still up to teachers and school security personnel to intervene and handle, with limited assistance; To avoid the recurrence of regrets, schools should still have a certain degree of educational authority over students.


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