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As the changing economic and social environment goes by, security management and related business types are expanding, which is resulted in higher demand for security managers. Therefore, for integrating "crime prevention, police intervention and security management" these three specialized subjects, "Department of security Management" was set up and started to recruit students in the academic year 2007 officially.

Our university has the first one security management department toward all the schools of social science in Taiwan. In the first academic year, a class of 60 students enrolled, and then two classes enrolled from 2008, so far, the number of undergraduate students in the department has already reached to four hundred each year.

Today, this department has set up for eight years. After once renamed, the formerly name of the "Department of Security Management" has been changed to "Department of Criminal Justice and Community Affairs" for the purposes of re-integration the two modules of criminal justice and security management in the academic year 2011 officially. And let our students are taught to have enough future workforce competition through courses.

To deepen the field development of security management and community affairs, and to pursuit the prosperity of workplace organization and workers, respectively, Master Program in the academic year 2013 and a Combined On-the-Job Training Master Program in the academic year 2015 were set up (authorized by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan).

In the recent years, the department adapts a more active attitude to cultivate security management professionals. Not only to teach students combined with security management expertise and skills, but also to rename the department as " Department of Criminal Justice," in the coming academic year 2017, to make the schooling system more complete as followed: Undergraduate Program (Department of Criminal Justice), Master Program (Institution of Criminal Justice Master Program), On-the-Job Training Master Program (Institution of Criminal Justice and the cross-strait Master Program) grant graduated Bachelor of laws, Master of law.
The department educational mission aims to train expertise-based personnel at security management-related areas, to integrate criminal justice and security management theory and practice, to connect knowledge and ability to implement and to combine learning and utilizing. So that students can have the expertise, skills and international perspective.
  We focus on Four Goals:
  (1) Teach security management and community affairs expertise.
  (2) Train communicating, planning and coordinating skills.
  (3) Develop security management professionals.
  (4) Pursue all-round visibility.

Thus, we attempt to integrate "Criminal Justice, Security Management and Forensic Social Work," these three modules’ knowledge and abilities to complete a whole program for the graduates to fit the actual needs of current security management industry.
To follow the overall vision of our university, the department plans sophisticated short-range and long-term goals of forward-looking system in present, and becomes the cradle of cultivating security management professionals. Also, we inherit our university excellent tradition, to provide the necessary professional education opportunities based on existing quality and ecological education under social development nowadays, to in line with our mission to cultivate security management professionals.

Our Five Distinguishing Feature are the followings:
(1) Holistic Students: We cultivate the students to learn knowledge and attitude, to be the professional personnel with both specialty and skills, to nurture the students to achieve a successful life.
(2) Innovative courses: Our department courses cover specialized in "criminal Justice, security management, forensic social work," these three modules’ knowledge with activating and Invitational teaching.
(3) Sophisticated Teachers: Our teachers have the doctoral degrees mainly, who were recruited from each profession and inspired to keep their excellence kinetic energy.
(4) Integrated Resources: We combined resources from all the systems and department units with limited resources to create unlimited possibilities.
(5) International Education: We pursuit sustainable security and think globally to synchronize with the world.