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104 TAI, SHIH-MEI The living conditions of the elderly and Needs Survey, Miaoli County Government. (2015.06-2015.12).
104 TAI, SHIH-MEI Conducting Evaluation Indicators and Promotion Mechanisms for Community Domestic Violence Prevention Work (2015.06-2016.06). Ministry of Health and Welfare.
104 TAI, SHIH-MEI The Choice of Childcare: the Awareness of Six Battered Women Living Independently with Their Children. 2015 international conference of Social Welfare Association of Taiwan. Taipei: Taiwan University.
104 TAI, SHIH-MEI 3. Tai, S.M. , Ou, Y.W. and Chao, S. D. (2016).Community Perceptions of New Residents in Penghu County, Taiwan, Sociology Study, 2016.05, Vol.6, No.5, 320-334.
104 YU, I-HUEI Discussion of human rights education after the lifting of martial law in Taiwan, The Seventh Session of the International Forum on Crime and Criminal Law in The Global, p.47-60.
104 HUANG, TSAN-SONG The Study on High School Sports of Operational Risk Assessment. Ming Chuan Journal of Social Science(8), 53-78.
104 HUANG, TSAN-SONG The Relationships Between Leader’s Job Stress and Employee Deviant Behavior:The Mediating Effect of Employee’s Perception of Workplace Violence. Ming Chuan Journal of Social Science(8), 29-52.
104 HUANG, TSAN-SONG A study on the assisted instruction enhance the effectiveness of teacher-student interaction and learning -- Use the IRS as an example. Journal of Computer Science and Educational Technology, 4(1), 24
104 HUANG, TSAN-SONG A study from the enterprises victim's threaten to trends of loss prevention. Criminology journals, 17(2), 133-162.
104 Tang, Yun-Ming Cui Haien, Wang Xinling, Tang Yunming (November 2014). Crisis Management Guide (ISBN: 978-986-