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Assistant Professor Hung, Wen-Ling was interviewed by China Times on November 24 2020/11/24   
Scholars say it means warning the younger brother
04:102020/11/24 China Times Hu Xinnan, Huang Jie

Four barrel dead cases this year shocked the society. Criminologists said that most of the corpses were divided and barreled to destroy the corpses. Hsu, Fu-shen
professor of the Department of Administration Police of Central Police University, said that in the two barrel corpses cases in Taichung City, the suspects were like small gangs.
Said, like warning other brothers, "This is the fate of the betrayer!" In addition to destroying the evidence, it also has the effect of consolidating criminal organizations.
Hung, Wen-Ling, an assistant professor in the Department of Criminal Justice of Ming Chuan University, analyzed that the most important evidence of a homicide is the body. To avoid exposure of the perpetrator, the body must be disposed of. In the case of the National Female Congress last month, the murderer walked with the body for 19 hours.Just looking for a suitable place to discard the corpse.
Hung, Wen-Ling said that if the body is only buried in the soil, it may still be seen again due to rain washing and digging by wild dogs. If it is sealed in a bucket with cement, it will reduce the chance of being discovered.
She also said that taking the Taoyuan barrel corpse case in 2013 as an example, Jiaotou killed the creditor in a drug dispute, sealed the body in the posture of "upside down" and threw it into the pond. Perhaps it was based on the mentality of humiliating the victim; there are also popular beliefs that cement can seal the soul, so that the dead cannot avenge.
Hsu, Fu-shen analyzed criminal psychology and pointed out that this group of suspects in Taichung are small criminal organizations. They eat black money for money and kill people. They are tortured and filled with acid and sealed in cement barrels. On the one hand, they annihilate the evidence, and on the other hand, they also "attempt to emulate others.
Wen-Yan Hsieh, Associate Professor of the Department of Crime Prevention and Corrections of Central Police University, said that although this kind of underworld method of enforcing family law is not available every year, it is not uncommon.The whole case will be exposed, or it may be the same as the underworld, the younger brother finally can't stand the eldest brother, so he takes risks to expose it.He said that ordinary criminals just discard their bodies, and they don't necessarily have the courage to encapsulate the corpses. He is not worried about the imitation effect; on the other hand, the disappearance of young girls will cause parents to worry about the safety of women and children.

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