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Huang,Fu-Yuan, Dean of School of Social Sciences at Ming Chuan University was interviewed by Apple Daily 2020/11/1   
Kidnapping and abandoning corpses|From fetishism to murder and sexual assault   Scholars shocked that there would be other victims

Liang Yuzhi was arrested in the life case of Chang Jung Christian University’s female school. He was arrested for stealing women’s underwear seven or eight years ago. He has no criminal record until the end of last month. He was suspected of failing to abduct under the railway bridge at the end of last month. Take the scout rope to strangle the college girl. Jui-Lung Cheng, a professor at the Department of Criminology of Chung Cheng University, believes that Liang suspected of being an atypical fetish has evolved into a sexual assault. Huang,Fu-Yuan Chair Professor Dean of School of Social Sciences and Chair of Criminal Justice Department, advised the police to thoroughly investigate his crimes. Trajectory, there should be undiscovered criminal black counts.

Jui-Lung Cheng believes that Liang Nan stealing women’s underwear in the past may be a sign of "sexual perversion", one of the abnormalities of sexual psychology. The common sexual perversion behavior is "fetishism". Patients will have sexual fantasies and abnormal sexual excitement in women’s underwear. The performance of, because of frustration with the opposite sex or intimacy, so that his sexual psychology can be transferred to the objects of the opposite sex. For example, it can be associated with the female body from female underwear, from touching, sniffing, playing with, wearing underwear and masturbating. Satisfying sexual excitement.

However, criminal justice usually treats fetish patients who steal women's underwear only with theft crimes, which is a kind of omission in treatment. Because the focus of this type of crime is not theft, but the abnormality of their sexual psychology, fetish criminals need multiple methods such as sexual psychological education, cognitive behavior counseling, community monitoring, etc. Catch the Guan or Yi Ke fined, otherwise it will only strengthen his desire to commit crimes.

Jui-Lung Cheng believes that Liang Nan is not a typical fetish, because fetishists are less likely to cause harm to the human body. It can be seen that Liang Nan's life course in the past few years has caused him to have abnormal sexual impulse control, combining violent personal and sexual assaults. Evolved into an outright sexual offender.

Huang,Fu-Yuan pointed out that regardless of whether Liang Nan had intentional murder or not, he confessed that he had molested a female college student. It can be seen that he at least committed molestation. His crime pattern has evolved from fetishism to sexual assault, and is no longer a typical love Fetish patients, from the perspective of criminal psychology, fetishists or voyeurs are less likely to commit serious violations of other people’s lives, but there are still 1% to 3% of people who continue to commit crimes without being caught Intensified the desire and type of sexual crimes, and evolved into criminals who violated the lives and physical safety of others.

There are usually signs of this evolution. The first is that they are successful, and the second is that they have not been caught. When the criminal behavior increases and strengthens to a certain extent, he will want to engage in other sexual crimes. It may be sexual crimes that infringe on the body of others, such as indecent and sexual assault. "Although the rate of conversion from fetishism to sexual assault is not high, the repeat crimes must be very serious in the process, and there may be other close relationships. Frustration, family or life pressure is generated."

Therefore, Huang,Fu-Yuan suggested that when investigating the case, the police must thoroughly investigate his past criminal record. There should also be a lot of blacks that have not been caught stealing underwear, and the relevant victim needs to come forward to identify it, because he will evolve from fetishism to attack The criminals of other people, in the statistics of criminal psychology in the past, need a considerable degree of the number of crimes and the types of crimes with increasingly stronger methods.

Huang,Fu-Yuan believes that if it hadn’t been for the victim’s report at the end of September that he was almost taken abducted, Liang Nan would probably not admit that he had attempted a kidnapping. “So there should be other crimes that have not been discovered.” As for choosing to commit the crime under the iron bridge, It should be suspected that after many investigations, Liang suspected that this place was "unable by the rule of law," including the fact that women often walk alone and there are not many crime prevention measures before repeating crimes here.

Jui-Lung Cheng also reminded that women should walk together in sparsely populated places. The location of this case is near the university campus. Environmental monitoring is even more important. For example, strengthening campus safety maintenance personnel and police patrols, adding monitors, and posting warning signs, etc. It is a link where situational crime prevention can be strengthened. (Reported by Guo Zhiyu/Kaohsiung)

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